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Can you track back every research dollar you spent to project results? Now you can, with RDWorth!
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Track your ROI

Tracking money is easy. Tracking ROI is where the rubber meets the road.

Team & Individual Tracking

See how the spending a specific group of colleagues, or an individual team member is impacting your ROI and research goals.

Spend Smarter

Helps you understand how each spending decision will benefit your research.

Cross Browser Compatibility

Available as a web application, iOs app, and on android. If you have an internet enabled device you can use it!

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Make sure you make every dollar benefit your research.

It's so easy to lose sight of the breakthrough you are working for, when all you have to rely on is regular accounting software. It will tell you how much you spent, but how efficiently did you spend it?

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Assign every dollar towards an outcome
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Measure the achieved outcomes
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Track outcome efficiency per project
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Meet the Team Behind RDWorth!

How did these 4 crazy guys come together to make a spash in the Technology research space?  Read our story!

Generating a Lot of Buzz in the FinApp Space

“Tying spend to performance, it's a simple idea. It's a great idea.  And this is the first time that I have seen any team tackle this issue head on with an application.”
Matt's testimonial about RDWorth
Matthew Anders
Product Manager - Enterprise Applications
“I had the pleasure of meeting the team behind this app and I am quite impressed. Their synergy is incredible. You have the right elements to make something big happen in the FinTech space here.”
Steve Dechample
CEO Combinator FireChats
“We are expecting big things out of this team. The response this application is getting in the FinTech investor community is a sign of what is to come.”
Samantha fox investor testimonial
Samantha Fox
Application Heaven Tech Review

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App Coming Soon!

Hold your horses, it isn't ready yet. But it soon will be. For now click below to hear about our story and when it's ready, we'll link right to the appropriate app store.