Meet the Team Behind 

How did these 4 crazy guys come together to make a spash in the Technology research space?  Read on to find out!

The RDWorth bromance app team

Ok, so we don't actually play any musical instruments. Our skills lie primarily in coding and being nerdy. Which is why we used our sad skills to photoshop this picture to make ourselves look cooler.

But the actual cool thing is that our team, despite being young, brings the knowledge-base of 45 different technology organizations. We have worked in everything from finance, obviously given the app ... but also with industrial tech leaders, educational platforms, and code developers.

These are innovators who invested heavily in technology research. And this is how we know, that in the technology research space it can be quite difficult to tie dollars to performance. Code can be quite nebulous. Investments in tools, more code, can be difficult to justify. What about throwing more developers at a problem?  Is that the best use of research money.

From our experience we saw examples where the right decisions were made, but also case studies where money was spent with no objective results. The ResearchDollars Worth App is designed to rid you of such ambiguities, in all technology research situations ... industry agnostic.

Our Story - Birth of a Technology Bromance

The Great Unveil of the RDWorth App

The Tech Stack for the Research Dollars Worth App

4 Coding Buddies Unite

Research Dollars Worth is Born

App Coming Soon!

Hold your horses, it isn't ready yet. But it soon will be. For now click below to hear about our story and when it's ready, we'll link right to the appropriate app store.